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Your brand new, fully constructed and ready to use structure is dropped off right on location in your yard or on a hard flat surface.

Delivery Fees:
Hauling flat fee of $100 for deliveries up to 40 miles;
$2.50 per loaded mile for deliveries up from 41 miles to 199 miles;
$2.15 per mile for deliveries over 200 miles.

In addition, there is a wide Load permit of $25.00 (some states may vary).

Grandpa's Year Round Shelters & Sheds uses the safest and most reliable trucking service in order to get your shelter and/or shed to you in a timely manner. They are known for their safe and efficient deliveries and will keep in contact with you once the order has been submitted for delivery to your farm or home.

*Prices for hauling Grandpa's Shelters and Sheds vary depending on the structure ordered and location of delivery. These costs are subject to change due to fluctuations in gas and diesel pricing.


Grandpa's Shelters
& Sheds, LLC

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